Mbappe or Ousmane Dembele? Pick the better player.


Mbappe or Ousmane Dembele? Pick the better player.

The summer transfer window is in full swing, and this is already starting to show its results. The main transfer of the season was the signing of Dembelem from Borussia. This transfer cost the club around 100 million euros, and the player has already started to show his potential.
The new signing is already proving himself to be a good player. He is able to score goals, and he is also a good defender. This is what makes him such a good acquisition.
However, the transfer of Dembo to the club cost the team almost a million euros. The club has already spent this amount, but it is still not clear if they will be able to pay the rest. This means that the club will have to sell a good number of players, which is not the best idea.
This transfer is also not the only one that the team has made. They have also signed De Bruyne, who cost the same amount of money. The cost of the player is 100 million, but the club has not paid this amount yet.
So far, the club is not in a good shape, and it is not known if they can compete for the title. They are in the middle of the standings, and they need to make a lot of transfers to improve the situation.

The main transfer that the Meringues have to make is the signing a good goalkeeper. The position of the club’s goalkeeper is very important, because if it is wrong, then the team can not win the championship.
In the last season, the team managed to win the champion title, but this was not enough to get into the Champions League. The Meringue have a lot to improve, and now they need a good goalkeeper.
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The club has a number of good players, but they need some stability and a good keeper. The team has a lot in common with Bayern, and if they manage to sign a good goalie, then it will be a real success.
Of course, the Mers have to pay a price for this, but if they do not pay for it, then they will not be able compete for trophies.
Will the Mernies make a good transfer?
The Meringos have a number players who are able to compete for places in the starting lineup. This will allow the club to be more active in the transfer market and make a number transfers.
One of the main transfers that the management has to make in the summer is the acquisition of a good midfielder. The player who will be acquired is the Belgian, Anthony M’Vila.
M’vila has already shown himself to the fans, and many people believe that he can become a good replacement for the injured Djibril Sidibe.
It is worth noting that the Belgian is not a young player, and his contract is for 4 years. This makes him a good candidate for a good price.
Another good candidate is the young player from the team, Sessegnon. He has already managed to score several goals, so he is a good choice for a high price. The price for the player will be determined by the club, but he is worth the price. He can also become a great replacement for Djibrila. The Belgian is a young and talented player, who is able not only to score, but also to distribute the ball well.
What are the main transfer targets of the Meren?
Another transfer that will be made by the Meredes is the transfer to the starting line-up of the team. This player will cost the Merer a good amount of euros, but many people think that the cost of this transfer will not cost the player too much.
Many people believe this, because the player already scored several goals. This shows that he is able, even at this young age, to become a top player. The transfer of M”Vila to the team is also worth considering. He already scored a number goals, which shows that the player can become an important player in the team’.
There are many other players who can also be considered for the starting position. The most important of them are:
· De Bruyn;
· De Jong;
· Dembe.
These players are all good players who have already shown themselves to the M‘Vila, and who can become good substitutes for the Belgian.
Who is the main candidate for the new goalkeeper?
In addition to the goalkeeper, the management of the Eredivisie has to think about the transfer. The best goalkeeper of the league is the one of Ajax, and for this reason the Merers have to look for a goalkeeper who can replace the Dutchman, or who can be a replacement for him.
If the club manages to sign such a goalkeeper, then this will be another good transfer. It is worth highlighting that the goalkeeper of Ajax is the same person who has already signed for the Mertesacker, and so the club can also consider the transfer for this position.
At the moment, the Eerderivi is in the bottom of the table, and there is no stability in the lineup.

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