Manchester United eye move for PSG star in January!


The Old Trafford club have been in the market for a new striker for a long time. Now they have a good opportunity to get one of the main contenders for the position: Antoine Griezmann.
The Frenchman is a player who can not only score goals, but also create them. He has already managed to score a hat-trick in the Champions League, and he is also considered one of France’s best players.
However, the main thing is that the player is a good performer in the attack. The club has a long-term contract with him, which is a guarantee that he will be able to prove himself.
Manchester United are also interested in signing the player, but it is clear that the club will not be able not to buy him in the next transfer window. The team has a lot of options, and it is obvious that they will not hesitate to buy a new player who is able to solve the problem of the lack of goals in the team.
Where can the player go?
The player is not the only one who is interested in him. The Old Trafford team is also interested not only in the player’, but in other players as well.
It is obvious, that the Frenchman is the main contender for the new striker position, but the club is also ready to buy another player who will solve the main problem of their team. It is also worth noting that the team is in the middle of the Champions league, and the club needs to improve its results there.
If the club does not buy a striker in January, then it will have to wait until the summer to get a new one. However, the club has several options, including the acquisition of a new goalkeeper.
In general, the situation is complicated, but if the club wants to improve the results of the team, then they will have no other choice than to buy new players. It will be interesting to watch the future performance of the club, because the situation in the club may change, and this will be reflected in the results.

Manchester City and Chelsea are interested in buying Riyad Mahrez
The Citizens have long been interested in the transfer of Riyad Mhrez. The player has already scored several important goals for the club. However the club still has a chance to get him in January.
Riyad has a good contract with the club and will not leave it. The transfer of the player will not affect the results, but he will definitely be able increase the level of the squad.
Chelsea is also a good option for the Citizens, but they are not going to buy the player in January because they are already in the process of buying a new midfielder.
Will Riyad be able?
It will be very difficult for the team to buy Riyad in January as it is. The Citizens have a long list of players who they want to buy in the summer, and they are also ready for a transfer.
One of the most obvious candidates for the player transfer is Riyad. The defender has already shown that he can be a good addition to the squad of the Citizens. He is a reliable defender, who is also able to score goals.
Another option for Chelsea is to buy an attacking midfielder. The Blues have a number of options for this, and their main priority is to find a good player who has the potential to score.
This player will definitely help the team in the long run, and if the team does not get a striker, then the goalkeeper will be a priority for them.
Who will be the main competitors of Manchester City?
Manchester city is a team that is considered one the main rivals of the Manchester United. The main competitors are Liverpool and Tottenham.
Both teams have a lot to improve, and many players are already injured. However they are able to improve their results, because they have long-standing players who are able not only to help the club in the field, but to also improve the level in the standings.
Liverpool is a club that has long been considered a contender for winning the champion title. The Reds have a great lineup, which allows them to win matches. However this season the team has not been able to show their best game.
Tottenham is also in the same situation, but their main competitors have not been so successful. The Spurs have long had a good lineup, and now they have strengthened it.
Now the team can not be compared to the Reds, because Liverpool has a much stronger squad. However Tottenham has a great selection of players, which can be considered a real trump card.
What is the future of the Tottenham Hotspur?
This season the Spurs have a difficult task. They have to fight for the title, and at the same time they need to strengthen their lineup.
At the moment, the team looks pretty good. The lineup of the Spurs is quite good, and Tottenham has long had the best goalkeeper in the league.
There is also the main trump card of the players of the London team: the long bench. The Tottenham bench is quite long, and even if the players have to play for the first time, they can always find a place in the lineup. This is a real advantage for the Spurs.
Of course, it is not easy to fight against the Liverpool and the Manchester City, but now the Spurs are in a good shape.

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